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Advertising in the sector

The marketing of the product is, as in the rest of the industries, an essential phase in the whole process of production of footwear.

In the 1930s, some Inca entrepreneurs, with a clear vision of better exporting their products, used English in their advertising and trademark. In those years, Llorenç Fluxà’s factory had a brand seal in English: The shoe Lottusse. Trade mark, and the manufacturer Mateu Pujadas announced his footwear under the brand The Sanson Shoe. But it was from the 1960s onwards that mass exports to Europe resumed and the US market for Mallorcan footwear opened, when the big shoe factories thought that one of the most important Ways to make your product attractive, in order to be able to export, was to assume a trade name that “sounds” abroad. Thus, from the Mallorcan adjective used to express that something comes from the field, “camper” (with an accent on the last syllable), the Camper brand emerged, converted into a flat word that gave a more phonetic Anglo-Saxon. Some of the most typical maiden names of Mallorcans such as Jordi or Joan were transformed into Calçats George’s and Yanko (Joan, in Hungarian). The surname Coll, combined with the adjective flexible, which referred to one of the characteristics of the shoes manufactured by the company, gave rise to the name Kollflex, and also the surname Ballester was created the name of another important shoe factory: Ballco.

The Museum of Footwear and Industry exhibits a selection of reproductions of shoe box labels, business cards, leaflets (flyers of the time), press advertisements, the most important of which reached national newspapers such as ABC and La Vanguardia) and billboards from the end of the 19th century to the present day.