History and mission

It is a municipal museum that tells the history of the shoe and its auxiliary industries in Mallorca from the 13th century to the present day. The new Museum of Footwear and Industry, reopened at the end of 2018, is a museum center built from the same community that houses it.

The vast majority of machines, tools, shoes, drawings, documents, photographs and other exhibits have been donated or donated expressly to the Museum by companies and individuals in the region. Each of them hides a real and personal story linked to the identity of a people who have made footwear a real engine of life. In addition, the respondents themselves have played an important role in deciding how their assets should be displayed.

During 2017 and 2018, an audience study was carried out consisting of surveys and discussion groups that sought to find out what the new Museum wanted by the inquirers should look like. Likewise, the carpentry students of the “Es Grop” project, Training Center and the Inca City Council Brigade collaborated with tasks related to the museographic assembly.

Finally, the financial contributions of entrepreneurs and associations in the area contributed to the materialization of a new museum space to dignify the industrial history of the region and show, at the same time, the future prospects of the current footwear sector.


It is located in the pavilion of general outbuildings of what was the Army Infantry barracks, called General Luque, built according to the project of the Mallorcan architect Francesc Roca (1909-1910), with final renovations of the architect of the Diputació Guillem Reynés Font.

The building, rehabilitated as a museum, was inaugurated on June 2, 2010, under the former name of Museum of Footwear and Leather. The Museum comprises a large space that is articulated on two rectangular floors; a main one intended for a temporary exhibition hall, warehouse and offices, and a first floor with the Museum’s permanent collection.


At the end of 2018, the Museum was reopened under the new name of Museum of Footwear and Industry, with a more thematic and geographical exhibition adapted to the new additions to the Museum’s collection.