Bombo per adobar pells

Auxiliary industries

Shoe manufacturing is a very laborious process that requires a lot of different procedures and a high degree of specialization. So much so that throughout the twentieth century a number of companies emerged, mostly in Palma, attracted by the strong demand for products needed for the manufacture of footwear: tanneries, shape factories, heels, rubbers, soles, tensioners , strawberries, bitumens and chemicals, glues, shoe boxes and ornaments for footwear and specialized machinery.

The train, which arrived in Inca in 1875, facilitated the marketing of footwear produced throughout the Raiguer region and allowed it to reach the port of Palma more quickly for export. On the other hand, the generation of electricity was a key resource for the footwear industry, as it allowed to optimize the operation of the machines in the factories. Between 1901 and 1915 electrification was a reality in most of Mallorca.

In the Museum of Footwear and Industry you can see a sample of objects belonging to the auxiliary industries of footwear, including an extensometer to test the elasticity and breaking point of the tires, a drum for tanning skins, a leather loom, a bow tie and other ornamental accessories for shoes, studs, soles, caps and rubber heels, magazines, photographs and shoe boxes.