Revista Moda y Línea

Shoes and fashion

The evolution of the shoe from the most traditional forms to the most modern has always been related to the changes in the clothing of the time. In Mallorca, the abandonment of the traditional dress –one of the characteristics most admired by the travelers of the NINETEENTH century– was accompanied by the introduction of models of footwear, in accordance with international trends. With time, as the traditional dress was being relegated to the uses, folklore, also the shoes began to notice the influence of the designs of foreigners, since the manufacturers of the region were adapted models Italian and French productions of shoes.

In fact, during the decades of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s of the twentieth CENTURY, the magazine FASHION Y LINE, published in Mallorca by Miquel Found, was the publication of reference in the fashion of footwear in Spain. Offering an extensive information on trends in the regional and international levels. The designers of the more reputable, there were publishing their models, and it showed as calçaven the famous characters of each moment. The publication also included articles and ads of machines, accessories and objects of the auxiliary of any kind for the manufacture of footwear. In addition, FASHION Y LINE allowed his readers the possibility of making them the same models appearing on their pages by means of the assignment of the pattern corresponding to the model desired. In the last pages of the publication, it was announced the Academy Technique Found, directed by the same editor of the magazine, which was based on the teaching by correspondence, modeling and pattern making footwear led “to both sexes”.

The Museum of the Shoes and the Industry can be seen, and even browse a selection of copies of the magazine, MODA Y LÍNEA and other similar publications, arising between the years 40 and 60 of the twentieth century.