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Crispina, our pet

Since December 2019, the Inca Museum of Footwear and Industry has had a pet that guides the family’s young people throughout the permanent exhibition.

“Crispi” was born into a family of shoemakers; her parents, Soles Sewing Machine and Polisher, wanted her to work in the factory as well. His life passed between patterns, heels and skins. He liked the world of humans, how people moved to the rhythm of the siren of that factory, the noise of the streets full of people, who with a sign full of oil cookies or a “panada” were going to work.

I listened intently to the conversations between Tomeu, the patron, and Toni, the cutter, but it was the adventures of Rosa, Catalina and Magdalena, the stitchers, who together with Tòfol, the one in charge of making the “cast ”, The ones he liked to listen to the most – on dance Saturdays at the Mercantil, meetings at the Espanyol or on Sundays at Fairs. But in the blink of an eye the world will turn upside down, new machines called Computers replaced all those old and rusty machines. Crispineta, such a great superheroine, was able to rescue them, and today they shine like never before in the Museum of Footwear and the Inca Industry, where she herself is in charge of telling us all the life of a faded time.

Núria Lara Ramírez
(5th grade, Beata Francinaina Cirer School)

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