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Collection shoes

The Mallorcan industry has specialized in the design of high quality leather footwear for men and women, but also in the manufacture of espadrilles, sports shoes, children’s footwear and orthopedic footwear. Many companies have opened up to following the most innovative fashion trends. Even local designers have created models that have become a trend, and their creations are known all over the world.

In the permanent exhibition of the Museum you can see a magnificent collection of shoes made by various Mallorcan companies throughout the twentieth century. Although each shoe is a reflection of a particular way of understanding footwear, a shared view of the entire collection shows a common nexus: the design of the shoe as a high-quality object carefully crafted from the artisanal essence, despite the introduction of industrial machinery into the manufacturing process.

Today, many of the factories in the Museum have closed. However, there is still a prestigious group of footwear companies that remain active and make products of great quality and national and international relevance. This is the case of Lottusse, Miquel, Bestard, Comes, Camper, TLB, Carmina and Vidal, a sample of which can be seen in the “Calçat aujourd’hui” showcase.