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Welcome to the “Digital Collaborative Museum” project of the Museum of Footwear and the Inca Industry. The initiative arises from the need to create a digital archive in line with the contributions made by the community, in order to gather all that tangible and intangible heritage that is still stored in the homes of Mallorca today, and that is impossible for us. keep in the Museum.

Do you keep machinery, old shoes, tools, photographs, files, magazines or books related to footwear or its auxiliary industries at home? If so, you have a chance that this heritage will not disappear and will be exposed forever more on our website. Fill out the form below with the fields you know, and make your contribution to the story.

If you have additional information about any of the published pieces, please help us to complete the form with your contribution. Write an email to with the number of the piece for which you have information and what you want to contribute.

MD001 – Tool

Contribution by Antonio Fiol Llufriu (Palma)

  • Type : tool.
  • Year of manufacture : unknown.
  • Acquisition : more than 100 years ago.
  • Utility : unknown.
  • Who used it: unknown.
  • Registration: ROCA.

MD002 – Photograph of Antoni Vidal

Contributed by Antoni Vidal Amengual (Inca)

  • Typology : photography.
  • Year: 1959.
  • Place : Seville.
  • Description: Photograph of Toni Vidal and his father during his first trip as a footwear representative.
  • Inscription: Seville, 1959.

MD003 – Child shapes and skin samples

Contributed by Helena Cepeda Martín (Barcelona)

  • Typology : shapes and samples of skins.
  • Year of manufacture: between 1940 and 1980.
  • Acquisition : meetings inside Can Salom (la Soledat, Palma).
  • Usefulness: to make children’s shoes.
  • Who used it : the company Calzados Salom, to make Gorilla shoes.
  • Registration : none.

MD004 – Can Salom Factory

Contributed by Helena Cepeda Martín (Barcelona)

  • Typology : industrial architecture.
  • Year of construction:between 1938 and late 1970.
  • Acquisition: photographs taken in June 2019.
  • Utility: headquarters of Calzados Salom, Gorilla shoe manufacturers.
  • Location: la Soledat Sud, Palma.

MD005 – Can Pola Factory

Contribution by Emilio Puga (Llucmajor)

  • Typology : industrial architecture.
  • Year of construction: 1930 ca.
  • Acquisition: photographs taken in September 2020.
  • Utility: headquarters of Calzados Munar, shoe manufacturers.
  • Location: Llucmajor.