The Wunderkammer of footwear: curiosities and art

The Wunderkammers, also called chambers of wonder or cabinets of curiosities, were small private rooms full of quirky objects from the most diverse parts of the world. In an intimate atmosphere they exhibited a wide variety of collections from different disciplines that combined science, art and superstition. There were fossils, plants, insects, deformed creatures, exotic animals, finds from the latest expeditions, art pieces, antiques, scientific instruments, and also pots with “dragon’s blood”, and skeletons of what were considered mythical animals at the time. Although the chambers of wonders, which emerged in the 16th century, disappeared between the 18th and 19th centuries, they are considered to be the direct predecessors of today’s museums of art and natural sciences.

Our particular Wunderkammer is a free interpretation of the curiosity cabinet. It has a set of fantastic collections of objects, all of them linked to the world of footwear. The exhibits include historical shoes from different parts of the world, quirky models, a collection of shoes and miniature industrial machinery, and an incredible collection of artwork inspired by the shoe shapes of such important artists as Louise Bourgeois. the Chema Madoz.