The Cabinet of Wonder of Footwear: curiosities and art

Cabinets of wonder (also known as “cabinets of curiosities”) were small, intimate rooms full of peculiar objects from many different parts of the globe. They housed a wide range of collections from different disciplines such as sciences, art and superstition. They would exhibit fossils, plants, insects, creatures with deformities, exotic animals, finds from the last expeditions, works of art, antiques, scientific tools and also jars containing “dragon blood” and skeletons of mythical animals of that time. Cabinets of wonder emerged in the 16th century and disappeared between the 18th and 19th centuries. They are regarded as the direct predecessors of present-day art and natural sciences museums.

Our Cabinet of Wonder is a free interpretation of conventional cabinets of curiosities. It includes several fantastic collections featuring footwear-related objects, such as historic shoes from different parts of the world, eccentric models, a collection of miniature shoes and industrial machines as well as incredible works of art by several renowned artists (e.g. Louise Bourgeois or Chema Madoz) who found inspiration in shoe lasts.