One of the purposes of the Museum of Footwear and Industry is to research and learn more about the different aspects of the collection we house. This section features full articles and documents on the works displayed in the Museum. Click on the images to read the files.

2020. “Footwear stories: a project of memory and life” Authors: Biel Company and Aina Ferrero

2020. “Building new audiences: heritage, memory, education and entertainment at the Museum of Footwear and Industry” Authors: Aina Ferrero and Biel Company.

2020. “Crispina: The story of a moonlighting machine. From superheroine to Museum guide” Illustrations: Helena Bosco.

2019. “A new museum project built from the community: assessment of audiences and internal management of the Museum of Footwear” Author: Aina Ferrero Horrach.

2019.“Inca, shoe tradition dragged by tourism
Author: Sílvia Riera.

2019. Catalogue of the exhibition “Antoni Socías: between art and industry”. Available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

2018. Visitor’s Guide to the Museum of Footwear and Industry. Visitor’s guide to the permanent exhibition of the Museum.

2018. Manual and industrial manufacture of footwear. Intangible heritage of Raiguer.

2018. “Footwear industry in Inca (1950-1960)”. Author: Miquel Pieras Villalonga.

2018. “Notes for the history of shoemakers in Inca”. Author: Santiago Cortès i Forteza.

2018. “Machinery with a woman’s name. Study and documentation in gender perspective of the industrial collection of the Museum of Footwear and Leather”. Authors: Sandra Rebassa, Esperança Rosseló and Catalina Ginard.

2017. “Essay on a theory of Majorca’s industry. Productive flexibility, female labour and the market”. Author: Carles Manera.

2017. “The Inca footwear
. Author: Miquel Pieras Villalonga.

2017. “Study of the collection of the Museum of Footwear and Leather. Documentation of the collection of shoemaking tools”. Authors: Sandra Rebassa, Esperança Rosselló and Catalina Ginard.

2014. “The Museum of Footwear and Leather.
Analysis of the present situation”
. Authors: Sandra Rebassa and Esperança Rosselló.

2013. “Bibliography for the history of footwear in Inca”. Authors: Santiago Cortès and Àngela Beltran.

2008. “Documentary compilation on the footwear industry during the Civil War. The case of the Can Melis factory (Inca 1936-1939)”. Author: Miquel Pieras Villalonga.

2001. “Footwear industry on Majorca (1929-1939). The case of Inca”. Author: Miquel Pieras Villalonga.