Ibermuseos Award

Within the framework of International Museum Day, Thursday, May 20, at 7:00 p.m., the exhibition “An object, three visions: virtual museum of integration” will be inaugurated. With this exhibition, the project developed by the Museum of Footwear and Industry in recent months, winner of the 2020 Ibermuseums Prize for Education, is put to an end. Specifically, the initiative has consisted of the creation of working groups made up of three people, a former worker in the shoe industry, a person from outside Inca and a young man from the region. From a work object, chosen by the former worker, conversations have been generated about daily and professional areas, unleashing an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue between the different members of the teams. Therefore, as a whole, the exhibition presents three visions around the same experience, thus transmitting recognition, inclusion and learning.