Temporary exhibition | COMUNITAT by RESKATE STUDIO (from March 5 to December 31, 2020)
Exposició RESKATEWhen we think of industry, we surely think of machines, sirens, assembly lines, noise and smoke. But the true essence of industry, not only of footwear, but of all industries of the world, is not the machinery, but the human capital which makes it possible. If machines are the body of the industry, the people who work behind them are their souls. In Inca, as in many other industrial cities, many men and women created a genuine work network from which a community of workers formed, which in many cases even literally transformed into a true family. In fact, the real strength of the industry was the community work of a whole village paddling in the same direction to grow the area’s economy and well-being.

Reskate Studio presents the installation “Community”, made specifically by the Museum of the Footwear and the Industry from the construction of a dark room that allows to recreate the darkness and luminosity necessary to show, with photoluminescent paint, two versions of a same image that symbolize the two faces of the same reality. The mural is conceived as a kind of tribute to the individuality of each of the workers who, with their efforts and enthusiasm, contributed to the development of an industry that today struggles to survive in a globalized world where the change in the type of consumption makes it difficult to maintain traditional footwear production models. Behind the coldness of an assembly line, behind each finished shoe hides the work of an entire community that today claims to once again play the leading role that shoes once had.

Enter and be seduced by the details of the mural, with the light on and off, and experiment with the light of the flashlight of your cell phones, to make an ephemeral drawing that will disappear when the light is turned on again. With your participation you can also feel like members of our particular community.

Last November 2018, the museum re-opened its permanent exhibition with a new and renewed museographic discourse that emphasizes the footwear industry and manufacturing, both in Mallorca and in the Raiguer region.

The exhibition tells the history of the shoe and its auxiliary industries in Mallorca, from the thirteenth century to the present, and is organized in several axes: the handmade production of footwear, the process of mechanization, the industries auxiliaries, shoemakers and shoemakers, footwear and fashion, and advertising. It also has a particular wunderkkammer, a kind of curiosity cabinet that houses a fantastic collection of objects, apart from the Sabateca, a teaching space for children and young people.


Temporary exhibition | ASINCA (opening: 2021)
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Temporary Exhibition | JUNAJO SALAS: RERA LA PETJADA (from December 5, 2019 to February 29, 2020)
What is hidden behind the footprint? What story lurks behind the shoe that each of us chooses to wear? The footwear we wear, a very personal complement to dress, is a faithful reflection of who we are: talk about our tastes, our preferences, where we come from, where we go, what we project to be, etc.

The artist Juanjo Salas (Cáceres, 1968) presents a selection of photographies that are framed within the current of the so-called “street photography”, where the artist looks for the movement, the rapidity of the action and the capture of the precise instant. Juanjo Salas, referring to photographers of the likes of Cartier-Bresson or Sebastião Salgado, seeks beauty in the small daily actions that go unnoticed and fill the streets we walk through everyday with unusual harmony. In this exhibition we invite you to write under the photos the story that you think is hidden behind each of the characters based on the observation of their shoes and the scene around them. A word may be enough, a feeling, but your input is essential to complete and make sense of this exhibition.

Museum of Footwear and Industry dresses in Cuban sleep to present the exhibition “Ascenso empinado” by the renowned artist Liudmila López Domínguez (Havana, 1977). With it, the viewer will be able to enter into a very personal view of the world of footwear based on the exaltation of femininity from the particular sensitivity of the artist’s country. The Caribbean essence can also be felt intensely from the second exhibition proposal: “Profundamente superficiales”, consisting of a selection of works by 100 Cuban artists inspired by the shoe designs made previously by Liudmila López for the 11th Biennial of the ‘Havana.

López presents a selection of works from his artistic maturity. Small and large sculptures that the Cuban uses to make one of the most fashionable accessories traditionally attributed to the femininity of women in artistic objects. As the artist herself points out, the most significant thing here is the sense that she has gained from the experience of confronting different cultures and regions and the potential that her personal story has, and that of other women. Liudmila López exploits the possibilities offered by the technology of laser engraving and etching of acrylic sheets, a material that offers transparency, elegance and apparent fragility but at the same time materializes in solid structures, complex for their solutions. techniques and rigorous design.

Liudmila López Domínguez is a member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC), he has given more than 30 personal exhibitions in Cuba and the rest of the World; and has participated in more than 100 collective exhibitions in Australia, Italy, Spain, Austria, Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Peru and Cuba, as well as in contemporary art fairs.

Temporary exhibition | ANTONI SOCÍAS: ENTRE L’ART I LA INDÚSTRIA (from June 7 to Septembre 6, 2019)  
The exhibition “Antoni Socías: Between Art and Industry” is a critical revision of the artist’s own production, based on the combination of different shoe designs with works of art directly related to them. vice versa.

Antoni Socías (Inca, Mallorca, 1955) allows to transfer in a certain way his family origins very closely linked to the footwear industry in Inca, grouping in genealogies of ideas several artistic works, which inspired in his day one of the collections more upsetting lessons on the legendary Make Up brand shoes, created in 1988 by Guillem Ferrer and annexed to the Camper brand in 1991.

For many years, Antoni Socías has combined his artistic work with the work of communicator and / or designer for the Yanko or Camper brands and, occasionally, for Carmina Shoemaker. He has exhibited in multiple countries and his works can be found in such important collections as the National Museum of Art Reina Sofia, Artium Vitoria Museum, Es Baluard, La Caixa Foundation, Sunyol Foundation and the Galego Center for Contemporary Art, among many others.

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Temporary exhibition | 3 FORMES (from February 1 to May 29, 2019) 
The approach of three artists to the world of footwear. From different sensitivities, each of them works in their own language to offer three equidistant but shoe-related views.

On the one hand, Barbara Juan, with her particular vision of ceramics, presents seemingly unconnected small pieces that, once assembled, reach the dimension of a large wall piece. In another vein, Pep Guerrero decorates clothes, shoes and accessories with prints, landscapes and diverse faces that convey to the viewer the joy of living represented by 18th-century French painters. Finally, Joan Sastre shows with four photographs the history of a fetish, from the realization of the fantasy and the predictable outcome, to the destruction of the worshiped object.

Temporary exhibition | COLOMBIA, TIERRA DE LUZ (from May 7 to May 16, 2019) 
The Inca City Council and the Consulate of Colombia in Palma inaugurate the exhibition “Colombia, tierra de luz”, in commemoration and solidarity with the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.

This is an exhibition of photographs by Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, architect and photographer for the National University of Colombia, and a member of the London Association of Urban Photographers, and that of the FUJIFILM Colombia, the creator of the exhibition consisting of 21 photographs and a documentary dedicated to the families of victims of violence and to people displaced by the armed conflict in that country. The artist uses light as a material and emotional component of the reconstruction of life.

The exhibition is complemented by the screening of two audiovisuals: “Mateo” (2014) by María Gamboa Jaramillo, on Thursday, May 9 at 7pm; and “Chiribiquete” (2017) by Carlos Arturo Ramírez, next Tuesday, May 14 at 7pm.

Temporary exhibition | CALZAR-ALZAR (from July 19 to December 3, 2018)
The Tash-Art Rugs Project was born as an art project to design and produce mats intended as collection pieces. The mats, reproducing creations by artists Rafa Forteza and Albert Pinya, are genuine handmade works of art in India’s artisan workshops.

Rafa Forteza is the heir to the European gestural and informalist tradition of the second half of the 20th century and is considered one of the most revealing creators of contemporary Spanish art. On the other hand, the work of Albert Pinya is based on an intentional and ironic naivete that manages to dismantle the perverse structures of reality; he has quickly developed his own identifiable style, in which he applies the codes of popular culture, comics, illustration, and a naive aesthetic meditation that conceals a precise treatment of the topics he explores.

Temporary exhibition | esKITSCHos (from April 13 to July 7, 2018)
Toni Pons, together with his wife Inés Català, started a profuse collection of unique shoes of all sizes, colors, shapes and origins from 1975.

Footwear is the undisputed protagonist of a collection that is displayed in every way imaginable. Some of the objects on display have no purpose but to be contemplated. Others, however, are objects intended for everyday use. You only have to look a little closer to realize that these seemingly unusable objects are actually pans, key chains, lighters, etc. There are also Cinderella princess princess shoes, religiously shaped images, fantastic reproductions of shoes from all over the world and souvenirs from Lluc, Galicia, Madrid, Portugal or the Netherlands, which are indistinguishable from clogs. characteristic of each of these places.

Temporary exhibition | PELOTAS (from October 19, 2017 to March 31, 2018)
Visual poetry with objects is a genre with a long tradition. Fifteen artists from the Madrid Collage Society, curated by Ramón Úbeda, have faced the challenge of making these objects a Pelotas shoe.

In the early 20th century, artists such as Duchamp or Warhol saw in the object a new mode of artistic expression that opposed the conventionalisms inherited from traditional art. Decontextualized objects from their natural habitat went on to occupy the exhibition halls, thus stimulating the debate around the redefinition of art.

Today, other artists continuing the idea, present works full of lyricism and ingenuity inspired by the “Pelotas” shoes, one of the most emblematic models of the famous camper brand Camper, which has become an internationally recognized icon. It appeared on the market in 1995 as an alternative to street-style sneakers, inspired by the “retro” look of old leather, hand-sewn soccer, basketball or rugby balls.