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Presentation of the piece for the month of July: “Women and the aprat, by Carmen Ramírez Ramos, stitcher. The piece will be displayed in the entrance hall of the Museum of Footwear and Industry during the whole month of July.

Sewing refers to the process where different leather components are prepared and stitched together to form the final shoe. This stage includes three successive tasks: skiving, punching and stitching. Sewing has always been a task linked to women for as long as there are records.

This machine, the 29-K1, manufactured by the American company The Singer Manufacturing Company, is operated by a pedal (located at the bottom) that puts into operation the system of belts and flywheels that move the needle of sew in upward and downward movements. The arrival of these machines in Majorca during the last decades of the 19th century speeded up production, leading to an increase in production. Many of them were used both at shoe factories and the private homes of seamstresses.

The activity is free of charge and does not require prior registration.

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Sep 27 2021


17:00 - 22:00