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Presentation of the June piece of the month: “The famous Kiowa moccasins, by shoemaker Pau Rotger. The piece will remain in the entrance hall of the Museum of Footwear and Industry for the whole month of June.

The piece of June is a machine manufactured in the 1970s by the Italian firm Torielli (established in 1924 in Vigevano, Italy) and distributed in Inca (Majorca) and Ciutadella (Minorca) by Curtidos Fluxà. The Torielli RSM/80 model is power operated and features four metallic shoe-shaped moulds that can mould up to two pairs of Kiowa moccasins at once.

Many of these machines were used at different plants in Inca and the Raiguer region that produced this kind of shoes (Calzados Amer, Calzados Belardo, Calzados Rimaica or Yanko). The Kiowa moccasins were very popular in the United States and in the leading European countries in the early 20th century. However, they didn’t reach Majorca until the 1960s, where they arrived thanks to the Yanko firm (Inca, 1961).

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Sep 19 2021


17:30 - 22:00