Industrial machinery

The development of industrial machinery came from the mechanization of the old manual shoe manufacturing processes. More than 100 operations are required to make a shoe and each machine is designed to carry out a highly specialized part of the process. The complexity of footwear production is such that, depending on the type of model followed, it is necessary to use some machines or others. Inca and the Raiguer region have differentiated themselves by making a type of high-quality shoe of traditional origin called Goodyear. This type of shoe, which is very comfortable and highly resistant, is characterized by a double seam that joins, on the one hand, the body of the shoe on the tour, and on the other, a second outer spike that fixes the sole on this piece.

The selection of machinery exhibited in the Museum of Footwear and Industry serves to illustrate the most important phases of the laborious manufacturing of Goodyear footwear in an industrial way: the design and shape, the pattern and the cut of the leather, the dresser, assembly, finishing and packaging.