Exposició RESKATE


Reskate Studio presents the installation “Community”, created specifically for the Museum of Footwear and Industry. The work is based on the construction of a camera obscura that recreates the darkness and luminosity necessary to show, with photoluminescent paint, two versions of the same image that symbolise the two sides of the same reality. The mural is conceived as a kind of homage to the individuality of each of the workers who, with their effort and enthusiasm, contributed to the development of an industry that today struggles to survive in a globalized world where changes in consumption habits make it difficult to maintain traditional footwear production models. Behind the coldness of an assembly line, behind each finished shoe, hides the work of an entire community that today wishes to restore the leading role that footwear once had.

The activity is free of charge and does not require prior registration. More information under the Exhibitions section.