Museum Week | #MUSEUMWEEK

Museum Week is a global initiative, a global festival for all cultural institutions on social media: 7 days, 7 themes, 7 hashtags. Keep an eye on our social networks!


  • Monday 11: Tribute to workers suffering from the crisis #MWheroes
  • Tuesday12: Day #cultureduringlockdownMW inspired by the initiative of the Getty Museum (#ArtInQuarantine).
  • Wednesday 13: This year’s main theme #MWtogether.
  • Thursday 14: Remembering the greatest moments with #museummomentsMW.
  • Friday 15: Climate change takes centre stage with #MWclimate.
  • Saturday16: #TechnologyMW that allows museums to extend their raison d’être to digital platforms.
  • Sunday 17: Day devoted to #MWdreams and hope…