What is behind the footprint? What story is hidden behind the shoe that each of us chooses to wear? The shoes we wear, a very personal complement to clothing, are a faithful reflection of who we are: talk about our tastes, our preferences, where we come from, where we are going, what we plan to be, etc.

The artist Juanjo Salas (Cáceres, 1968) presents a selection of autographs that are part of the current of the so-called “street photography”, where the artist seeks movement, the speed of action and capturing the precise instant. Juanjo Salas, who takes as a reference photographer such as Cartier-Bresson or Sebastião Salgado, seeks beauty in the small daily actions that go unnoticed and that fill the streets we pass through every day with unusual harmony. In this exhibition we invite you to write under the photographs the story you think is hidden behind each of the characters based on the observation of the shoes they wear and the scene around them. A word, a feeling, may be enough, but your contribution is essential to complete and give meaning to this exhibition.