The City Council of Inca and the Consulate of Colombia in Palma inaugurate the exhibition “Colombia, land of light”, in commemoration and solidarity with the victims of the armed conflict in Colombia.

This is an exhibition of photographs by Santiago Escobar-Jaramillo, architect and photographer from the National University of Colombia and a member of the Association of Urban Photographers of London and FUJIFILM Colombia, creator of the exhibition consisting of 21 photographs and a documentary on the families of victims of violence and people displaced by the armed conflict in that country. The artist uses light as a material and emotional component for life reconstruction.

L’exposició es complementa amb la projecció de dos audiovisuals: “Mateo”(2014) de María Gamboa Jaramillo, el proper dijous 9 de maig a les 19 h; i “Chiribiquete” (2017) de Carlos Arturo Ramírez, el pròxim dimarts 14 de maig a les 19 h.