Visual poetry with objects is a genre with a long tradition. Fifteen artists from the Collage Society of Madrid, curated by Ramón Úbeda, have taken on the challenge of making these objects “Pelotas” shoes.

In the early twentieth century, artists such as Duchamp and Warhol saw in the object a new way of artistic expression that was opposed to the conventionalisms inherited from traditional art. Decontextualized objects from their natural habitat came to occupy the exhibition halls, thus stimulating the debate around the redefinition of art.

Today, other artists who continue this idea present works full of lyricism and ingenuity inspired by the “Pelotas” shoes, one of the most emblematic models of the famous Inca brand Camper, which has become an internationally recognized icon. It hit the market in 1995 as an alternative to sneakers as urban footwear, inspired by the “retro” aesthetic of old leather, basketball or rugby balls made of leather and sewn by hand.