Educational resources

The educational offer of the Museum of Footwear and Industry for the 2019/2020 course presents a comprehensive and renewed program of activities about footwear and its auxiliary industries. A whole series of didactic resources adapted to various educational stages have been created, with the intention of offering to teaching professionals a tool to expand and reinforce curricular contents worked in the classroom. Download all educational offer.

The following resources are currently offered:

  • Shoe tales (infants, 1:15 h.)
  • A plasticine shoe (infants, 1:30 h.)
  • A world of shoes (first cycle of primary school, 1:30 h.)
  • Be a patronist! (first cycle of primary school, 1:30 h.)
  • Footwear trivial (second cycle of primary school, 1:15 h.)
  • Make a shoe (second cycle of primary school, 1:30 h.)
  • Shoe-gimkana (second cycle of primary school, 1:45 h.)
  • Factories of yesterday (first cycle of secondary school, 1:45 h.)
  • Industrial heritage (second cycle of secondary school, 1:45 h.)
  • Museums trivial (second cycle of secondary school, 1:15 h.)
  • Think about footwear… (baccalaureate, 1:45 h.) 

All activities are for free, but a booking is mandatory by writing to or by calling 871 911 643, to check availability and schedules. Activities in Catalan and Spanish only.  

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Footwear and Industry ends at the Shoe Library, a didactic space for children and young people where adults are also welcome.

The Museum team is currently working on all the didactic resources that can be found throughout the exhibition and in this space.

At the Museum we work to develop teaching materials that will help improve the experience of the visit, so children and young people better understand the heritage the museum contains.